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Administrator Getting the most from your systems Cognos Jump-Start Deployment options and best practices for Cognos 8 BI for Linux on System z BY ANN JACKSON AND DEAN BROWNE I BM Cognos* 8 BI for Linux* on System z* delivers a broad range of business-intelligence (BI) capabilities on an open, enterprise-class platform. All capabilities—including viewing, creating and administering reports, analysis, scorecards, dashboards and events–are available through the Web. The IBM Cognos 8 platform delivers dispatching is done in an optimal way: with automatic load balancing built into the system. The IBM Cognos 8 platform provides optimized access to all data sources, including relational data sources and online analytical processing (OLAP) with a single query service. In addition, this query service understands and leverages the data-source strength by using a combination of open standards such as SQL99, native SQL and native MDX to optimize data retrieval for all of these different data providers. The IBM Cognos 8 BI user interfaces are accessed via the Web tier. the right capabilities to manage the solution with centralized and Webbased administration that provides a complete view of Cognos activity as well as metrics and thresholds to resolve potential issues before they impact business. The IBM Cognos 8 platform is built on Web-based service oriented architecture (SOA), designed for scalability, availability and openness. This n-tiered solution has three tiers: Web, application and data. The tiers, based on business function, are typically separated by network firewalls. When considering deployment options, reliability and scalability should be key considerations. Services in the application tier operate on a peer-to-peer basis. That means, in effect, that no service is more important; there is no “master” service. Any service of the same type, on any machine in an IBM Cognos 8 platform configuration, is capable of servicing an incoming request. The result is complete fault tolerance: any server in the system can route and handle any request. Request IBM Cognos 8 Platform Architecture Many Cognos 8 components help ease and streamline BI operations. Some key elements include: hÁ IBM Cognos 8 Gateway compo- nent manages all Web communication in an IBM Cognos 8 platform. The workload on the gateway ser ver is comparatively lightweight, but you can 48 J U LY/ AU G U S T 2 010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2010
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Dashboard: Serious Gaming
Data Display: The World is Poised for a Mobile Explosion
Insider: Tips to Overcome 4 Key Performance-Management Challenges
Trends: Other Systems Claim Mainframe-Like Qualities
Case Study: Pension-Management Organization Deutsche Rentenversicherung Migrates to Linux on System z
Educated for Success: Marist College Students Benefit from School's Partnership with IBM
Marist and the Mainframe: As Technology Evolves, So Does The Partnership Between IBM and Marist College
Speeding Ahead: IBM Approach Ensures New Mainframe Staffers Excel
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage Easy Tier Tailors SSDs for Your Workloads
Administrator: Deployment Options and Best Practices for Cognos 8 BI for Linux on System z
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Stop Run: Travel Photography Gives Robert LaBayne a New Way to Tell Stories
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2010