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Stop Run An eclectic take on the mainframe world Establishing Solid Footing IBM’s Plant-A-Tree initiative grows in Italy BY SHIRL E Y S. SAVAGE I n an effort to grow—not just lead—the green IT movement, IBM Italia S.p.A. has started a corporate Plant-ATree initiative. Partnering with local organizations, IBM plants a tree to represent each System z10* server sold in the previous six months. The Modena tree planting, says power consumption—coincided with the release of the European Commission’s (EC) Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency, which calls for data centers to reduce their impact on the environment, the economy and energy consumption. The amount of electricity consumed in Western European data centers is projected to rise to 104 TWh per year by 2020, up from 56 TWh annually in 2007, says the EC. Since it’s designed to leverage IBM’s smarter planet philosophy, the System z10 server is a lean and green machine, says Belardi. Why not reinforce that message by planting a tree for every The amount of oxygen produced by an acre of trees per year equals the amount consumed by System z10 server sold in Italy? “This is our small contribution to keeping the planet green,” he says. “It’s a way to create a social phenomenon around green technology.” IBM Italia joined forces with several ecological organizations, including brand of LifeGate), Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie, Volunteer Ecological Ranger LifeGate, Impatto Zero* (Zero Impact, a Pictured with local school children are (from left to right): Simone Molteni of LifeGate Impatto Zero; Ludovica Conte Marotta with IBM Italy System z Marketing; Erminia Nicoletti, IBM Italy’s manager of software marketing; and Andrea Negro, with IBM Italy zBSS. of the province of Modena (GEV of Modena) and educational institutions for the initiative. In May 2008 the first planting was done at a park in the City of Modena. The last two plantings were done at La Pica Botanical Garden, located in the province of Modena. For botanical reasons, the trees are planted in May and October and to date more than 60 trees have been planted—cherry, maple, ash, apple, white willow, pear, oak, linden and dog rose, says Belardi. At the base of each tree is a plaque with the serial number of the server that was shipped. At each ceremony, students from local schools participate as well as university professors, IBMers and members of the associated ecological groups. “We are proving that everyone–citizens and companies as IBM–can do something to improve the green attitude,” says Belardi. Massimiliano Belardi, mainframe business development sales leader, Systems and Technology Group at IBM Italia, is “the perfect pairing of respect for the planet with the company’s lean and green technology.” The initiative grew out of the System z10 launch in 2008, Belardi explains. The introduct ion of the System z10 server—with the capability to consolidate workloads and reduce 18 people annually. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year. Source: International Society of Arboriculture 2009 56 MAY/JUNE 2010 PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IBM Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer.

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010
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