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I=: d[ The Office of the CIO with the State of Nebraska improved data-handling issues with smarter and faster data-storage tools BY JIM UTSLER makers to quickly respond to current and upcoming opportunities. As the influx of data grows at an almost exponential rate, IT departments are sometimes flummoxed when it comes to properly safeguarding and efficiently storing data. These two points can quickly become issues when—no matter how cleverly— older storage technology is used. For the State of Nebraska’s Office of the CIO (OCIO), this meant overly long backup processes, production-processing delays, expensive storage-media hosting, wasted people hours and inefficient disaster-recovery plans. Dealing with a limited budget, the organization found a way to address these issues and keep costs down. Working closely with MSI Systems Integrators, which provided the hardware solutions, and OpenTech Systems, which PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT ERVIN 9 ata is an organization’s most prized possession. It offers insight into operations and allows decision systems assure t he state’s decision makers and their customers will have access to necessary data. HEAVY LIFTING --------------------------------------------The Lincoln, Neb.-headquartered OCIO is charged with providing many state departments with computing resources. These include hundreds of Time Sharing O pt ion ( T S O ) u s er s ac c e s s i ng t he organization’s mainframe systems, as well as hundreds more accessing both CICS* and database services. The largest of these clients, according to Fred Lupher, systems programming manager with the OCIO, is the Department of Health and Human Services. “They use in excess of 50 percent of our capacity. Other clients include the Department of Revenue, the Department of Labor, the Department of Roads and the Department of Corrections,” he says. Acting as a non-profit, the OCIO charges these departments only enough to cover its expenses, which includes rates for CPU usage, software and software development, and other ancillary offered some essential software tools, the OCIO has more streamlined backup procedures and an efficient disasterrecover y plan. The new data-storage

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010
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