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Insider Insights from the industry Preparing for a Rebound Six computing strategies for a recovering economy BY MIKE MOSER T echnology spending is rebounding somewhat this year after the slowdown over the past two years. However, most IT organizations still focus on cost control. They’re looking to support large businesses into the future and to stay competitive as the economy turns around. According to our research with MIPS optimization and server virtualization, they can reduce operating costs while improving availability. Such changes not only improve the current bottom line, but they also position these companies for future growth. The following strategies can help IT organizations take advantage of mainframe benefits and make companies more competitive, enabling them to exploit future opportunities. customers, a key focus relates to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT, especially for mainframe installations. When IT organizations implement efficiency projects, such as 1 Leverage Automation Capabilities This helps meet service levels while utilizing fewer resources. Automation software can eliminate manual or inefficient processes and free your staff to do more strategic work. A common obstacle to automation is the need for human intelligence to make decisions during otherwise routine processes. Pursuing automation software that can capture intelligence is an effective approach to increasing the automation level. Intelligent software can guide your staff, particularly when experts are in short supply. For example, if experts aren’t available to identify 26 MAY/JUNE 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010
Editor's Desk: Planned to a 'T"
Dashboard: Beef Up Your Passwords
Data Display: Cost of Security Breaches
IT Today: IBM Partnership Offers Cost-Effective BI Solutions
Trends: IBM's Eagle Studies Provide a Clear View of True Technology Costs Both Internal and External Communications
Insider: Six Computing Strategies for a Recovering Economy
Case Study: The Office of the CIO with the State of Nebraska Improved Data-Handling Issues with Smarter and Faster Data-Storage Tools
Harnes the Information Expansion: Discover the Hidden Value in your Business Data with System z
Green with Envy: Syracuse University's New Data Center is One to Covet
Focus on Storage: Tivoli Storage-Management Solutions Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency
Developer: A Guide to Processing XML Documents Stored in Files and DB2
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Stop Run: IBM's Plant-A-Tree Initiative Grows in Italy
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010