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Trends Industry signals to keep you in the know An Eagle Eye IBM’s Eagle Studies provide a clear view of true technology costs BY SAR A A ASE don’t allow for an easy apples-to-apples comparison. IBM Eagle Studies analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide a clear, easily comparable cost overview of how a System z* solution stacks up to other options. “If you just compare mainframe hardware against, for example, Intel* hardware, Intel servers will cost less,” says Craig Bender, TCO analyst for the IBM Software Group (SWG) Competitive Project Office (CPO). “But when you incorporate other costs associated with that switch, in many cases a mainframe is less expensive.” With millions of IT dollars on the line, more companies were challenging IBM on the cost of System z solutions. “IBM needed to answer the question, ‘What platform offers the least cost,’” Bender says. So three years ago, IBM created the Eagle Studies Program, which Bender leads, to produce a head-to-head comparison of mainframe and distributed computing costs for each client, focusing on specific problems the company needs to solve, at no charge to the client. “We work with them to identify their true and total costs,” Bender explains. The study group works on- and off-site with clients for 30 days to produce a report. Companies typically want to compare costs on three what-if scenarios: taking an application off the mainframe and moving it to a distributed environment; moving applications from a distributed environment to the mainframe; and I s the Big Iron the best investment for the IT dollar? Comparing real costs against those of distributed architecture can be difficult because different pricing and cost models 22 MAY/JUNE 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010
Editor's Desk: Planned to a 'T"
Dashboard: Beef Up Your Passwords
Data Display: Cost of Security Breaches
IT Today: IBM Partnership Offers Cost-Effective BI Solutions
Trends: IBM's Eagle Studies Provide a Clear View of True Technology Costs Both Internal and External Communications
Insider: Six Computing Strategies for a Recovering Economy
Case Study: The Office of the CIO with the State of Nebraska Improved Data-Handling Issues with Smarter and Faster Data-Storage Tools
Harnes the Information Expansion: Discover the Hidden Value in your Business Data with System z
Green with Envy: Syracuse University's New Data Center is One to Covet
Focus on Storage: Tivoli Storage-Management Solutions Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency
Developer: A Guide to Processing XML Documents Stored in Files and DB2
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Stop Run: IBM's Plant-A-Tree Initiative Grows in Italy
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2010