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Company Showcase SiriusÃÁ@1-9Á;2Á0#!Á&E?@19ÁFÆÁ engineers, software specialists and consultants is dedicated to providing the services that clients need to modernize their systems and optimize the performance of existing workloads. Our team has successfully implemented System z solutions for over 400 clients, and our expertise ?<-:?Á@>-05@5;:-8Á&E?@19ÁFÁÄF#&ÆÇÁF!-:-31>ÆÇÁF(!ÆÇÁF(&&ÆÅÇÁ )534Á"B-58-.585@EÁÄ(%$&ÆÇÁ) !Á&1/A>5@EÅÁ-:0Á@41Á/;9<81@1Á 950081C->1Á?@-/7ÉÁ&5>5A?Á?<1/5-85F1?Á5:Á:1CÁC;>78;-0?ÁÄ 5:ADÆÁ ;:ÁFÇÁ-:0Á#0#"Á5:/8A05:3Á0%""ÇÁ$;3:;?ÆÅÇÁ-:0Á9;01>:5F-@5;:Á ?;8A@5;:?Á5:/8A05:3Á&#"È.-?10Á;221>5:3?Á-:0Á/8;A0Á;:ÁFÉÁ 1@Á Sirius provide the expertise you need to get the most out of an existing system, or to implement a new one. Syncsort has been a leading global provider of highperformance mainframe sort technology for more than four decades, saving customers nearly $220 million each year over inefficient competitive sort solutions1. Syncsort’s solutions are fast and resource efficient mainframe data-sort technologies that help drive ROI with a unique combination of high-performance, optimal hardware utilization and ease of use. 1 2,000 customers, 7M MIPS with DFSort, 2% Sort, 35% reduction with $4,500 per MIP cost = $220 million in savings Products Available to View Online: Linux on System z Implementation Services Sirius System z Security Services Sirius zBuild Assist Implementation Services for z/OS Sirius Computer Solutions 613 N.W. Loop 410, Suite 1000 San Antonio, TX 78216 1-800-460-1237 Products Available to View Online: Syncsort MFX Syncsort PROC MFX Syncsort PipeSort Syncsort Inc. 50 Tice Blvd. Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 Kathy Kroboth (201) 930-8214 Find it all at Find it all at Virtel SysperTec’s VIRTEL is a Web-enabling product line for mainframe applications (CICS*, IMS*, TSO*, etc.): KÁ)5@<135CÁ+& ÁG9D8Á+(("(Á3?>>53D9?>CÁ KÁ)5@<135CÁ ÁC3B55>CÁG9D8ÁEC5B6B95>46B1=5ÁDB1>C13D9?>CÁ1>4Á41D1Á1CÁB5EC12<5Á Web services to Web applications and vice versa -")+0$ÅCÁD89>3<95>DÁ1B389D53DEB5ÁG?B;CÁ9>CD1>DIÁ Web-enabled device regardless of browser, OS or platform. It is critical to organizations that plan to: KÁ,C5Á=?29<5Á45F935CÁ1>4Á&@@<5Á@B?4E3DCÁ1CÁ.521335CCÁ devices KÁ"=@<5=5>DÁ'0')Á?BÁ45C;D?@F9BDE1<9J1D9?>Á9>9D91D9F5CÁ KÁ">D57B1D5Á=19>6B1=5Á1@@<931D9?>CÁ1>4Á41D1ÁD?ÁD85Á34ÁC5<53D54Á=19>6B1=5ÁDB1>C13D9?>CÁD?ÁE>DB19>54Á clients, partners and new staff Since 1982, Treehouse Software has been serving enterprises worldwide with industry-leading software products and outstanding technical support. Today, Treehouse is a global leader in providing data migration, replication and integration solutions for the most complex and demanding heterogeneous environments, as well as feature-rich, accelerated-ROI offerings for information delivery, business intelligence and analytics and application modernization. Treehouse Software customers are able to: IÁÁ%&$ 0$"'&Á%-@-Á":EC41>1 IÁÁ0"'&(%"'&Á%-@-Á&B1>EC41>1 IÁÁ!#%&%"0,&Á%-@-Á2>;9Á 13-/EÁ"<<85/-@5;:? IÁÁ""" +,&Á%-@-Á2;>Á#A?5:1??Á"0B-:@-31 Products Available to View Online: VIRTEL Web Access VIRTEL Web Modernization VIRTEL Web Integration SysperTec 406 Kinross Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Patrick Fournier (925) 954-9649 Products Available to View Online: tcACCESS tcVISION DataNovata Treehouse Software 2605 Nicholson Road, Suite 230 Sewickley, PA 15143 Wayne Lashley (724) 759-7070 Find it all at Find it all at 32 2013\`LYZN\PKL

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