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I Application Development I Program Utilities I Systems Management Serena Software Serena Software provides orchestrated IT and product-development solutions to the Global 2000. Serena’s mission is to help enterprises orchestrate their processes for tremendous competitive advantage. Its 4,000 active enterprise customers, encompassing almost 1 million users worldwide, have made Serena the largest independent application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor and are now using Serena to orchestrate IT service management and other vital processes. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves enterprise customers from 29 offices in 14 countries. Serena is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Partners, a leader in private investments in technology-enabled industries. “The support from Serena has been unsurpassed. Their availability to assist in problem determination and to provide a solution is exactly what our organization needs to improve performance. We needed a global and cost-effective approach, and this is exactly what Serena delivers.” —Global 500 bank Products Available to View Online: Serena ChangeMan ZMF ChangeMan ZMF provides a flexible and modern application development environment for the mainframe. Serena StarTool Dump Analyzer (DA) Serena StarTool DA provides intelligent dump analysis debugging for batch, CICS, DB2 and IMS. ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY!Ã(UHS`Z[Ã9LZLHYJOÃVUÃ 4HPUMYHTLÃ(WWSPJH[PVUÃ+L]LSVWTLU[ Serena ChangeMan SSM Serena ChangeMan SSM ensures that only authorized changes are made into the production environment. ÂÁÁ9LHKÃUV^ÃHIV\[Ã:[HY;VVSÃ+(! Serena StarTool File and Data Management (FDM) Serena StarTool FDM enables you to edit and manage PDSE, sequential, direct, DB2, VSAM and more. ÂÃÃ>LIJHZ[!Ã7YV[LJ[Ã@V\YÃ0UMYHZ[Y\J[\YL Serena Comparex Serena Comparex is the only mainframe comparison tool that supports data, text and directory files. ÂÃÃ9LHKÃUV^ÃHIV\[Ã:[HY;VVSÃ-+4 Serena StarTool IOO Serena StarTool IOO dynamically optimizes I/O to achieve dramatic throughput improvements. ÂÃÃ9LHKÃTVYLÃUV^ÃHIV\[Ã*VTWHYL_ ÂÁÁ>LIJHZ[!Ã:[HY;VVSÃ066 Serena Software Find it all at 1900 Seaport Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94063 Jeff Westenhaver (713) 545-4014 2013 31

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide