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Company Showcase Systems Management NewEra Software Inc. NewEra Software has been a partner with its customers in the continuous pursuit of improvements in zEnterprise* integrity, availability and compliance since 1990. Its first system software product, Stand Alone Environment (SAE), resolved unscheduled MVS system outages and remains today an essential element of all best-practice disaster-recovery plans. In the years that followed, continuous investment and technical innovation, specifically in z/OS* system virtualization, resulted in The z/OS Inspection Server. This server is a core NewEra Technology that customers exploit when using The Image FOCUS and The IPLCheck family of predictive failure analysis (PFA) products. Our PFA products identify system configuration errors that will result in future system-initialization failures, thus allowing action to be taken now to prevent future denials of z/OS and subsystem resources. Of late, the company has placed increasing emphasis on helping customers adhere to ever-more stringent internal and external operational standards. When the requirement is not only to demonstrate but also to document system changes and compliance—PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and others—The Control Editor will provide the broad selection of easy-to-implement, customizable applications that organizations need in order to bring themselves ever closer to satisfying these most demanding requirements for system-change documentation. z/OS baselines built, then monitored for changes and conditions that result in initialization failures Products Available to View Online: Image Control Environment Image Control Environment (ICE) includes these tools: Image FOCUS, IPLCheck and The Control Editor. IPLCheck IPLCheck provides users with an integrated set of predictive failure analysis (PFA) “Health Checks.” Our Image Control Environment (ICE) products—Image FOCUS, The Control Editor and IPLCheck—build z/OS configuration baselines then monitor for changes and conditions that result in initialization failures. ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY! >OH[»ZÃ5L^ÃPUÃa"6:Ã=$9$%Ã Ã=$9$& The Control Editor The Control Editor provides noninvasive monitoring and control over z/OS configuration components. visit us at ÂÁÁa(\KP[PUNÃ,ZZLU[PHSZÃ Ã=VS\TLÃ$ NewEra Software Inc. Find it all at 155 E. Main Ave., Suite 130 Morgan Hill, CA 95037 Jerry Seefeldt (408) 520-7101 x740 28 76 2013\`LYZN\PKL

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