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Company Showcase I High Availabilt y I Linux on System z I Systems Management INNOVATION Data Processing Among the most experienced independent software providers in the world, INNOVATION Data Processing provides thousands of customers around the world with business-resiliency and privilegedinformation-protection solutions that combine innovative design with cross-platform access, deduplication and virtualization technology. A single source for nondisruptive business continuance, enterprise data protection, high-performance storage-resource management and privacy-information protection for z/OS* and Linux* on System z*, as well as for AIX*, Linux, UNIX* and Windows* distributed storage, INNOVATION partners with CA, IBM, EMC, Hitachi, Microsoft, ÁÁÁ Products Available to View Online: FATSCOPY with FATSERASE FATSCOPY…A leading tape migration, copy, stacking and VTL conversion utility. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-(;:*67@Ã^P[OÃ -+9,9(:, FDRERASE for z/OS and FDRERASE/OPEN Fast, easy-to-use and government-certified secure disk erasure. FDRMOVE with FDRPAS (Plug and Swap) Easy-to-use, fast, reliable, low-impact z/OS disk-volume consolidation. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+946=,ÃHUKÃ -+97(: Ã FDRINSTANT for z/OS Virtualizes backup with replication, making dedupe-friendly backup nondisruptive. FDRCRYPT Backup and B2B Data Exchange Encryption Meet government identity protection guidelines and commercial governance on data security. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+9*9@7; SOSINSTANT Integrates with EMC CLONE and IBM FlashCopy to create point-in-time copies of the disk volumes that business applications are using; allowing disaster recovery for distributed data to include non-disruptive backup and rapid recovery from disk. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+905:;(5; IAM and IAM/AIX IAM… Transparently improves batch, CICS and WebSphere VSAM application performance and efficiency. FDRViEWS Storage analytics a new way to turn raw system data into smart storage-management decisions. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã:6:05:;(5; FDRSOS… Non-disruptive System z DR Protection for Linux on System z and distributed systems System z off-network big data protection of Linux on System z and distributed cloud systems. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã0(4 FDR Plug and Swap (FDRPAS) for z/OS FDRPAS w/FDRERASE… Fast, reliable and easy to use, nondisruptive z/OS disk-volume migration and erase. ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+9=P,>: ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+97(: ÂÁÁ7YVK\J[Ã6]LY]PL^!Ã-+9:6: 26 2013\`LYZN\PKL

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide