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Company Showcase I Application Development I Database I Systems Management GT Software For 30 years, GT Software has helped organizations derive business benefit from their mainframe investments by delivering cost-effective mainframe solutions. GT Software continues to provide unparalleled capabilities that leverage your mainframe’s proven functionality, power, stability and performance to its fullest potential. Founded in 1982 with headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., GT Software is a privately held, global company that is currently represented in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America. Ivory from GT Software is a suite of industry-leading mainframe-integration and data-access tools that improve operational responsiveness by simplifying and accelerating access to mainframe applications, data and processes. Ivory products enable access with no code written, generated or changed and no additional MIPS usage. Plus, Ivory requires minimal training and offers quick deployment. Ivory helps integrate all of your mainframe assets, regardless of underlying platforms, languages and data formats. Using Ivory, developers can seamlessly integrate the mainframe with new technologies like mobile and Web applications, packaged applications, business intelligence and cloud initiatives. It’s Possible. Enterprise Save time Modernization and money, Made Easy. maximize industry-leading mainframeresources, integration, migration and and tools that data-access lowerimprove operational responsiveness by TCO on your simplifying and accelerating access to mainframe applications, mainframe! data and processes. GT Software offers a suite of Already known as the most reliable, scalable and secure platform, make your mainframe more cost-effective and easier Products Available to View Online: Ivory Service Architect Ivory Service Architect accesses mainframe applications, data and processes through Web services. Ivory VisualConnect Ivory VisualConnect enables an intuitive, graphical front end onto 3270 and 5250 green screens. to manage with zOSEM. ÂÁÁ4VKLYUPaLÃ@V\YÃ4HPUMYHTLÃ^P[OÃ0]VY` Ivory Data Access Ivory Data Access allows you to quickly unlock information stored in mainframe data sources. ÂÁÁ.YHWOPJHSÃ-YVU[Ã,UKÃMVYÃ&%0#Ã.YLLUÃ :JYLLUZ ÂÁÁ(JOPL]PUNÃ4HPUMYHTLÃ+H[HÃ(JJLZZÃ>P[OPUÃ [OLÃ*SV\K =PZP[Ã\ZÃH[Ã buyersguide/GT-Software GT Software Find it all at 6255 Barfield Road NE, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30328 Jonathan Reed (404) 253-1300 2013 25

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide