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Company Showcase I I Application Development I I Business Intelligence I Tools and Utilities Communications / Connectivity Database CSI International CSI International is an ISV providing software and consulting solutions to customers using IBM’s z/OS* operating system and related products. CSI provides software solutions and services directly to customers in North America. Customers outside of North America are serviced through CSI distributors and select CSI business partners. CSI corporate headquarters are located in Williamsport, Ohio, with additional facilities for research and development, sales, and technical support in Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Tennessee, Florida and Israel. CSI International’s software and engineering talent has enabled CSI to expand its reach into new technologies while maintaining its strong foundation in IBM mainframe software. The company provides z/OS solutions addressing systems management, data management, file management and reporting. CSI International continues to further develop, market, support and introduce new industry-leading solutions that enhance and extend the mainframe experience while reducing the overall cost of IT. The mission of CSI International is to “Help Customers Succeed.” Putting our customers first will always be the driving force behind everything we do. Proven excellence and commitment to quality mainframe software since 1978. Direct access to experts with our 24-7 technical support. CSI provides software and services directly to customers in North America. Customers outside of North VShare VSAM file-sharing system for concurrent CICS and batch access. EzEDIT Powerful and flexible cross-platform source program editor. &6,Ã,QWHUQDWLRQDOà ´'HOLYHULQJÃZKDWà WKHÃFRPSHWLWLRQÃà FDQÃRQO\ÃSURPLVHμ Products Available to View Online: America are serviced through CSI distributors and partners. ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY!Ã,_WHUKPUNÃ[OLÃ,]LY :OYPURPUNÃ)H[JOÃ>PUKV^ VSUM VSAM file design and analysis tool. ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY!Ã6]LYSVVRPUNÃ[OLø:V\YJL¹ÃVMà 7V[LU[PHSÃ+PZY\W[PVUZÃPUÃ@V\YÃ0;Ã,U]PYVUTLU[ DataMover Automated workstation-to-host file-transfer system. ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY!Ã=:(4Ã9LSL]HUJ`·>OH[à @V\Ã4H`Ã5V[Ã2UV^ÃVYÃ4H`Ã/H]LÃ-VYNV[[LU DataMiner Comprehensive information and datamanagement system. ÂÁÁ0U[LYHJ[P]LÃ:\Y]L`!Ã;LZ[Ã@V\Yà 2UV^SLKNL!Ã(YLÃ`V\Ã:OPWWPUNÃHUKÃ9LJLP]PUNà 4HPUMYHTLÃ+H[HÃ:HMLS`& FileMarvel +H[HIHZLÃHUKÃÄSLÃ]PL^LY"LKP[VY! ÂÁÁ>OP[LWHWLY!Ã;\YUPUNÃ9H^Ã+H[HÃPU[Và OP[LWHWLY!Ã;OLÃ9LHSP[PLZÃVMÃ*VZ[ ,MMLJ[P]LÃ-PSLÃ4HUHNLTLU[ CSI International Find it all at 8120 State Route 138 Williamsport, OH 43164 1-800-795-4914 20 76 2013\`LYZN\PKL

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide