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I Application Development Compuware As a market leader in providing mainframe application lifecycle-management solutions, Compuware has supported the world’s largest IT organizations for more than 30 years. Compuware delivers the innovation, scalability, reliability and flexibility needed to ensure your mission-critical business applications are performing as needed. When Compuware mainframe solutions first hit IT rooms around the globe, developer productivity was unleashed like never before. This value remains inherent to your Compuware investment. Put simply: Compuware enables IT organizations to focus their efforts on delivering new services to the business, instead of locating and fixing problems within IT. Compuware’s focus on operational cost reduction provides customers with the means to reduce their most expensive IT investments—people and hardware—while also enjoying the reliability of the industry’s most trusted mainframe applicationdevelopment tools and the security of knowing your application-testing environments are protected from unnecessary data breaches while remaining efficient. Products Available to View Online: Developer Productivity Workbench is Compuware’s modernized open development environment solution. Application Performance Management Compuware’s Application Performance Management solution proactively controls IT costs. ÂÁÁ*VTW\^HYLÃ4HPUMYHTLÃ:VS\[PVUZÃ )YVJO\YL!Ã4H_PTPaLÃ7YVK\J[P]P[`Ã4PUPTPaLÃ *VZ[ZÃ Test Data Optimization Compuware’s Test Data Optimization solution helps protect businesses from costly data breaches. ÂÁÁ4HPUMYHTLÃ(WWSPJH[PVUÃ7LYMVYTHUJLÃ 4HUHNLTLU[Ã% 4PU\[LÃ,_WSHPULY ÂÁÁ+PZN\PZLÃ;LZ[Ã+H[HÃHUKÃ.HPUÃ+L]LSVWLYÃ 7YVK\J[P]P[`Ã% 4PU\[LÃ,_WSHPULY Compuware Corp. Find it all at compuware 1 Campus Martius Detroit, MI 48226 Mary McCarthy (313) 227-8188 2013 19

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide