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Company Showcase BMC Software Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software. Business runs better when IT runs at its best. That’s why more than 20,000 IT organizations—from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses—in more than 120 countries rely on BMC Software to manage their business services and applications across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. With the leading business service management (BSM) platform, cloud management and the industry’s broadest choice of IT management solutions, BMC helps customers cut costs, reduce risk and achieve business objectives. For the four fiscal quarters ended March 31, 2012, BMC revenue was approximately $2.2 billion. Visit for more information. Products Available to View Online: BMC MainView for z/OS The industry’s most CPU-efficient monitoring and management solution. BMC Database Performance for DB2 Automate DB2 reorganizations. Improve performance and availability. BMC Recovery Management for DB2 Makes backup and recovery of DB2 faster, more reliable. DB2 log analysis and audit capability. Systems Performance for DB2 Monitor and optimize DB2 system and buffer pool performance. BMC MainView for Linux-Servers Manage performance and availability of z/Linux and z/VM business applications. ÂÁÁ6W[PTPaLÃ`V\YÃTHPUMYHTLÃYLZV\YJLZ BMC APPLICATION RESTART CONTROL Automate restart processing of batch jobs. Implement application checkpoints with no code changes. ÂÁÁ4HUHNLÃWLYMVYTHUJLÃHUKÃH]HPSHIPSP[`ÃVMÃ a"3PU\_ÃHUKÃa"=4ÃI\ZPULZZÃHWWSPJH[PVUZ BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR Simplify automation using panel-driven, REXX-free automation. ÂÁÁ9LZ[HY[Ã^P[OV\[ÃZ[HY[PUNÃV]LY BMC MAXM Database Advisor for IMS Automate IMS database maintenance via Web-based interface. ÂÁÁ(]VPKÃJVZ[S`ÃV\[HNLZ BMC MainView Batch Optimizer Cost-effective batch optimization without manual JCL changes. BMC CHANGE MANAGER for DB2 Most reliable and fastest process for making changes to DB2. ÂÁÁ7YVHJ[P]LS`ÃTHUHNLÃ04:ÃTHPU[LUHUJL BMC Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS Makes backup and recovery of IMS databases faster, more reliable. BMC Database Administration for DB2 Change and/or migrate DB2 data structures faster, more accurately and reliably. ÂÁÁ4HUHNLÃ+)%ÃZJOLTHÃJOHUNLZÃSPRLÃHÃ NLUP\Z BMC SQL Performance for DB2 Identify and resolve SQL performance problems quickly and efficiently. ÂÁÁ*VZ[ LMMLJ[P]LÃIH[JOÃVW[PTPaH[PVUÃ^P[OV\[Ã THU\HSÃ1*3ÃJOHUNLZ! BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes Predict future service levels for mainframe applications. ÂÁÁ;\ULÃ:83ÃSPRLÃHÃNLUP\Z BMC CATALOG MANAGER for DB2 Simplify ad hoc DB2 catalog management. ÂÁÁ7YLKPJ[ÃM\[\YLÃZLY]PJLÃSL]LSZÃMVYÃ THPUMYHTLÃHWWSPJH[PVUZ ÂÁÁ

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