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Systems Management ASG Software Solutions ASG enables clients with both mainframe and distributed environments to mobilize their resources, boost productivity, and enhance performance through the intelligent use of technology. A recognized innovator in enterprise IT software solutions, ASG Software Solutions has been optimizing 85 percent of the world’s most complex IT organizations for over 25 years. We create and deploy unique software solutions that reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle. ASG’s comprehensive solutions help you solve today’s challenges, such as cloud computing and big data, while driving your business forward by providing insight and control across cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Founded in 1986, ASG is a privately held global company based in Naples, Fla., with more than 70 offices worldwide. ASG partners with 85 percent of the world’s largest companies to optimize IT service delivery ASG Software Solutions RD! WA inducted into A KMWorld’s 2012 Hall of Distinction Products Available to View Online: ASG-EAMS (Enterprise Automation Management Suite) ASG’s EAMS solutions offer a practical approach to managing complexity in today’s IT environments. Workload Scheduling and Automation Suite Workload scheduling and automation ensures workloads execute on time to meet business objectives. ÂÁÁExecutive Dashboards: 6W[PTPaPUNÃ0;Ã :LY]PJLZÃ[VÃ,TWV^LYÃ@V\YÃ)\ZPULZZÃ^OP[L Ã WHWLYÃI`Ã,4( Performance and Availability Management (ASG-TMON Suite) ASG-TMON products monitor the health, availability and performance of z/OS systems and subsystems. ÂÁÁ=PL^ÃHSSÃ^VYRSVHKÃZJOLK\SPUNÃHUKÃH\[VTH [PVUÃKH[HZOLL[ZÃ^OP[LWHWLYZÃHUKÃ^LIJHZ[Z JCL Management Suite Comprehensive production JCL management for analyzing JCL and enforcing JCL standards and syntax Are you achieving your business availability goals? Learn more about ASG’s open-architected Enterprise Automation Management Suite (EAMS) for simplifying management of your IT environment, leveraging our market-leading ASG-TMON for performance and availability and ASG-PERFMAN for capacity planning. Visit us at ÂÁÁ=PL^ÃHSSÃ(:. ;465ÃKH[HZOLL[ZÃ^OP[L WHWLYZÃHUKÃ^LIJHZ[Z Capacity Utilization, Planning, and Modeling (ASG-PERFMAN Suite) ASG-PERFMAN provides an end-to-end view of your entire IT infrastructure capacity and utilization. ÂÁÁ=PL^ÃHSSÃ1*3ÃTHUHNLTLU[ÃKH[HZOLL[ZÃ ^OP[LWHWLYZÃHUKÃ^LIJHZ[Z Mainframe Application Performance Management (ASG-TriTune Suite) ASG-TriTune pinpoints application execution delays and presents an in-depth performance profile. ÂÁÁ=PL^ÃHSSÃ(:. 7,9-4(5ÃKH[HZOLL[ZÃ ^OP[LWHWLYZÃHUKÃ^LIJHZ[Z ÂÁÁ=PL^ÃHSSÃ(:.»ZÃTHPUMYHTLÃHWWSPJH[PVUÃ WLYMVYTHUJLÃKH[HZOLL[ZÃ^OP[LWHWLYZÃHUKÃ ^LIJHZ[ZÃ ASG Software Solutions Find it all at asgsoftware 1333 N. Third Ave. Naples, FL 34102 1-800-932-5536 2013 13

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide