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Company Showcase Acxiom is a recognized leader in IT Outsourcing managed services that enables technology executives to reduce the complexity of their environments as well as their risk while providing greater flexibility to better serve business demands. We pride ourselves on delivering high-touch superior service and are uniquely positioned to manage highly complex, processing-intensive environments—from mainframe to server to cloud. Acxiom has a 40-plus-year heritage in data management and technology. We are ranked by analysts among the top three providers of mainframe outsourcing and No. 1 in customer satisfaction for IT outsourcing by the Black Book of Outsourcing. Visit or call 1-888-3-ACXIOM. Providing solutions for data transfer and data security in the z/OS* environment is our mission. The integrity and security of the data is critical, whether data is stored on the network, during the file-transfer process or off site. We provide solutions that include user-friendly tools for fast TCP/IP file transfer and data encryption using AES 128 encryption, DES, Triple DES and DESX. Products Available to View Online: Managed Mainframe Services Cloud Services Managed Server Services Acxiom 1501 Opus Place Downers Grove, IL 60515 Jeff Shoup (630) 944-5093 Products Available to View Online: Data Encryption Facility (DEF) SSR Client/Server TSO Superset Utilites Applied Software Inc. P.O. Box 566 New Hope, PA 18938 Ron Turner (215) 297-9441 Find it all at Find it all at While IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition, relies on top IBM and industry experts to keep readers in step with the latest mainframe advancements, it also features customers leveraging their mainframes to the fullest. Here are a few examples: “The recovery time is unbelievable. Before, if someone needed data, we’d have to find out what tape it was on, find that tape and then mount it. That might have taken 44 hours. Now, we can do it on the fly, with restore requests coming in at around 15 minutes.” — Lacey Griffith, Furniture Brands “At Primerica, the mainframe is the file server for all legacy, intranet and Internet applications. This is not only because the mainframe is easier to recover in the event of an emergency, but also because we don’t want to have to restore some 400-plus servers individually if something were to happen.” —Abel Melchiore, Primerica 12 2013\`LYZN\PKL

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2013 Buyer's Guide