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ACCELERATING INSIGHTS How the mainframe is helping clients get fresh insights from real-time data ÃÃÃ A nalytics and big data are helping companies understand customer behavior, circumvent fraud and enable businesses to offer customized services. IBM helps its clients gain insights from analytics to benefit their decision making, improve customer service and, ultimately, boost the bottom line. To find out how IBM is doing this, IBM Systems Magazine sat down with Paul DiMarzio, zEnterprise* Big Data and Analytics offering manager. Q: What trends are driving big data and analytics? A: Analytics used to be considered a back-office activity as well as a backward-looking activity. Now, clients in every industry want to get a realtime business-critical perspective with analytics. Organizations want to inject analytics into operational business processes. In insurance, for example, claims processing is a big part of the business, and fraud is a big problem with processing claims. In the old 12 // MAY/JUNE 2014 Special Report paradigm, companies periodically would look at all of the claims that were paid, try to figure out which ones were probably fraudulent and attempt to claw that money back. You can't do that anymore. Now when a claim comes in, companies can use analytics to make a prediction as to whether that claim is fraudulent and to deal with it before the claim is actually paid. Because analytics is now a frontoffice business critical activity, the way data is processed within IT has to change. Clients need to bring the analytics to the data rather than export the data to outside processors. It's a complete reversal of the way things have been over the last 20-odd years. Q: How is that concept being received by clients? A: Everybody seems to understand the need to change. We taught our clients to build their systems under the old paradigm because it was more cost-effective at the time. In the past, the mainframe wasn't necessarily best positioned to handle analytics. But today it is, because IBM has put an enormous amount of work into it, including changes to the processor, memory and cache. Most companies don't want to overhaul their data centers overnight, and rightly so. But when we talk about specific use cases with these clients and how their peers are getting benefit, then they say, "Yeah, we need to figure out how to do this." You really have to prove it's beneficial to do it the new way. Q: Are you seeing the decision-making process changing because of analytics? A: Strategic and tactical decision making isn't going to change much, but it does need to be accelerated. People need to get information faster because it's a hyper-competitive environment. The longer it takes to make a decision, the less competitive you are with your peers. It's different for operational decisions-the ones that are made hundreds to millions of times a day. With operational decisions, we're injecting analytics directly into the main

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - Big Data - May/June 2014